12 Things to Know if You Moving Away from Home for the First Time

12 Things No One Will Tell You about Moving Away from Home for the First Time

Moving out of your parents’ home and into your very own place for the first time is a big deal. You can find all sorts of advice online about how to deal with the stress of it, how to handle the financial aspects, how to set up home, and how to get situated. However, there are some things which no one will mention.

Cockroaches make a really gross sound when you squish them. And don’t even get me started on the sound rats make when dying!

The cost of postage stamps will start to annoy you, along with how terribly made the utility websites are.

Groceries don’t buy themselves. It takes a lot of time to choose what brand of on-sale laundry detergent to buy, and then you’ve got to lug it all home on the bus.

You will learn to love carrots dipped in hot sauce and peanut butter, because that is all you’ve got to eat in the house.

You will start to understand why your mom obsessively clipped coupons. 50 cents off is a lot of money!

Your roommate will be a complete jerk. And you will be too. Fights will break out because you ate the yogurt he had in the fridge and because he doesn’t know how to put the cap back on the toothpaste.

You will start to miss your parents. Really. Especially all of that nagging.

Throwing parties is not as fun as you thought it would be. Who likes babysitting a bunch of drunk friends who don’t know how to use a coaster, and then cleaning up after them the next day?

Your standards will drastically reduce. Yes, that bookshelf made out of crates looks fantastic! And microwave pizza for dinner becomes your definition of luxury.

You will eventually learn to like the Laundromat and think of it as a peaceful place where you get to read and relax – but only after spending months wearing dirty clothes because you hate going there so much.

You will love it when your mom comes to visit. It means home-cooked meals in Tupperware containers and someone to help cleanup… because your roommate never does.

After making countless mistakes, you WILL learn to take care of yourself and revel in the new freedom you have.