What Everyone Ought To Know About tucson ac repair

coming down eye that I’m glad to see that so uh you know if I can get it you know we’re like I said we’re looking for so if I could get you know I’m gonna let it go because like I said it’s only degrees out here so but as you can see yeah it’s coming around it’s it’s coming around so uh I’m gonna hang with it for a few more minutes guys all right guys it looks like our final pressures are going to be a on suction with a . coming and still you know coming down a little bit on the superheat and a head with about seven.

And a half degrees of subcooling superheat is still falling down to eighteen which is okay we know we’re looking for fourteen point eight and they can get that low or it can get as low as up what would it be about nine so we’re looking good I’m gonna call this one a success and you know that she’ll call me if it quits and I’ll have to come back tomorrow you know and recheck it if you know if it gets there but I think we’re going to be okay I really do and I’m sorry I hadn’t put up a video in a while guys I’m I’m gonna try to start doing them more often and I appreciate.

All everybody out there new ac unit Tucson watching my videos and I’m going to end this one with I want to tell all my good friends my HVAC brothers here on YouTube that I’ve met some wonderful friends on here and I want to wish all y’all a very Merry Christmas Zach Fritz Dallas Nick Ralph Eddie everybody if I didn’t name your name I’m sorry but um you know all my good friends I’ve met here on YouTube I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and that ought to be about it for this one guys so y’all y’all take care thanks for watching and woke up with a really kind of bad cold this morning and it’s just getting worse it sucks but had this zoom out.

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