Ideas To Organize Your Own Vasectomy Reversal

Again if you tuned into my last webinar on fertility if you didn’t welcome to go back and see it it’s still posted but essentially we talked about these different acronyms for sperm extraction and after a vasectomy the most common way most of us fertility specialists will get sperm for in-nitro fertilization is through what’s called a pacer or a per cutaneous epidermal.

sperm aspiration the reason for that is we know what the guy’s problem is we know that he had a vasectomy so we should be able to find sperm in the epidermis so we take a small aspirating syringe and then take out as much sperm as we can from that epidermis and we use that for IVF a Mesa is a little bit more involved it’s done through an incision and a microsurgical.

microscope and that’s if we’re not finding a spot where we have adequate sperm or for a surgeon’s preference some of us just prefer to do everything under a microscope if I get in I’m doing a peso or a Mesa and that sperm is not motile it’s too old then I end up having to go back into the testicle same operation again if I’m doing a sperm extraction I don’t leave the operating room or procedure room until I find sperm that’s viable for in-nitro then we’ll do some of the testicular sperm.

Extractions either and again most of the time at this point I’ve made it a tiny little window incision and I’ll be doing what’s called a testicular sperm extraction but you can also do that subcutaneously or through a small puncture puncture incision as well and then lastly for I cannot see too many reasons why after a vasectomy a man would need a micro.